Is it suitable for me?

This type of solution is only suitable for individuals that don’t mind or have a need for holding two currencies such as Matteo and Carla, who we introduced you to in the 'How It Works Section'.

Is there a potential loss to my money or capital?

Under Scenario 2, if GBPEURO is at or above 1.17 after one month Carla would convert. Let’s say after the month the exchange rate is 1.20 GBPEURO, Carla was fixed at 1.17. There will be a capital loss if she converts back to pounds. It’s important that Carla needs the EUROs to spend and is happy to convert at the rate she chose.

What happens if my chosen exchange rate is reached during the term?

Only the closing exchange rate at the end your chosen timeframe will determine whether you exchange or not.

How do you get such high returns?

The return is the combination of a money market deposit and the FX option premium.

Where is my money kept?

Your money is ring fenced in a separate and segregated client account held at a Tier 1 bank.

Are you regulated?

We will be fully regulated by the FCA.

Will I be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

Yes. Up to £50,000. www.fscs.org.uk

How do you make money?

We simply share some of the money that is paid to you. In our example, Carla earned £67.50 gross. Net Carla would earn £51.50 and we would make £16.

Can I access my money during the term?

No, your money is tied in for the duration you have selected. We’ve kept the minimum duration to one week.

Do you charge fees on your prepaid card?

Our aim is not to charge any fees, although ATM providers may levy their own fee.

Why is the minimum £10,000 or currency equivalent?

At this stage, we can only get great returns on this minimum amount. With your support we aim to lower the minimum making it available to more people.

I have a small business that imports and exports, is this right for me?

Absolutely, our solution works well for small businesses that have deposits or payments in two or more currencies.